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Scars after chicken pox

Chicken pox scarring is common in young patients, although older patients sometimes come in for treatment as well.

Where are chicken pox scars located?

Chicken pox scars are usually located on the forehead. Other localisations are much less common and are understandably much less disruptive.

What are the characteristics of chicken pox scars?

Chicken pox scars are almost always hypotrophic scars. Their treatment strategies are similar to those for hypotrophic post-acne scars. The only difference is that skin on the forehead has a different thickness and structure from skin on the cheeks.

The treatment specialist must also take into account the function of the facial muscles on the forehead, as it affects the appearance of the scar.

The treatment of chicken pox scars almost always involves a course of procedures and the use of a combination of methods: mainly laser procedures and medical support, panthenol preparations, and sometimes also filler injections.

Let's take look at the before/after pictures; i think they speak for themselves.

Dr Alexander Uskov



Dr Alexander Uskov MD PhD

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